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From: 09/Jul/2020 - To: 11/Aug/2020

Art + Entomology = Artomology?

Art meets science in this unique drawing activity brought to you by real live tarantulas, beetles, millipedes, and more. By observing these leggy little models we will learn the basics of insect anatomy and then draw our own very own creative critters at home.

Audience: Kids - Ages 6 to 8

Baby Rhyme Time

Welcome your baby to the Library. Enjoy songs, rhymes, and stories that will make your baby smile.

Audience: Adults & Kids - Ages up to 12 months with a parent/caregiver

Books & Ideas: Our Vanishing Glaciers

There is no more precious resource on the planet than water. Join Robert Sandford, author of 30+ books and the foremost authority on water issues, and Doreen Vanderstoop, author of the acclaimed dystopian novel Watershed as they read from their books and discuss the finite lifespan of our Rocky Mountain glaciers. Includes Q and A.

Audience: Adults

Collaborating and Co-Writing: A Writing Session in Real Time with Brandi Sidoryk

Have you ever wished you could be a fly on the wall while a song was being written? Now you can! Join Songwriter in Residence Brandi Sidoryk and two fellow songwriters as they participate in a condensed collaborative songwriting session before the audience. Following the performance there will be a discussion of successful co-writing and a Q and A.

Audience: Adults

Drop-in Family Storytime

Drop in for stories, songs, and finger plays the whole family can enjoy.

Audience: Adults & Kids - Ages 2 to 5 with a parent/caregiver

Explore the Moon (Ages 6 to 8)

Take a trip with us to visit our closest neighbour! Join an expert panel of astronomers as we discuss the history and objects found on the surface of the Moon, and learn how to view the features of the Moon from your own backyard with nothing more than your eyes.

Audience: Kids - Ages 6 to 8

Explore the Moon (Ages 9 to 12)

Take a trip with us to visit our closest neighbour! Join an expert panel of astronomers as we discuss the history and objects found on the surface of the Moon, and learn how to view the features of the Moon from your own backyard with nothing more than your eyes.

Audience: Kids - Ages 9 to 12

Exploring What's Possible with Frisbee

In this session, you'll get to explore just some of the possibilities in the sport of flying disc and with a frisbee. If you don't have a frisbee, you can use an ice cream lid or a round tupperware lid. Make sure to have a clear open space with all of the breakable objects moved out of the way.

Audience: Kids - Ages 6 to 12

Gathering Medicine Together Circle: Part 2

During this time of social upheaval and isolation, stories have the power to strengthen our spirits. Join Richard Van Camp for this two-part program where you will be encouraged to share your own miracle story: a story from your family or personal life that has taught you a powerful lesson, moved, or surprised you.

Audience: Adults

Historic Calgary Week: Calgary History for Newcomers

Are you a newcomer to Calgary? You are one of millions of newcomers who have made this city their new home since the 1870s. Join historian Tereasa Maillie and learn about the history of immigration to Calgary. Tereasa is a writer, historian, and speaker whose current research focus is on Calgary’s Immigration history, and the LGTBQ+ community.

Audience: Adults

Historic Calgary Week: Calgary Welcomes the Car

Calgarians with money and a sense of adventure embraced the newfangled automobile with open arms. Grab your duster and goggles and join our excursion into the novelty, freedom, challenges, and misadventures of early motoring in Calgary. You don't even need a license -- there weren't any!

Audience: Adults

Historic Calgary Week: Countdown to Calgary's 20 Oldest Houses

Join Doug Coats as he tells the stories behind the twenty oldest still-standing houses in Calgary. Some are truly remarkable – we still have at least 6 homes built in or before 1883, when Calgary’s population was less than 500. See if your favourite old house makes the list!

Audience: Adults

Historic Calgary Week: Family Stories and Community Traditions with Richard Van Camp

This workshop is designed to inspire you to collect family stories and community tales as sources of history, culture, and tradition. What are the best questions to ask? How do you evoke memories? What is the protocol with Elders? Richard Van Camp draws on his rich experience in presenting this important workshop.

Audience: Adults

Historic Calgary Week: Scribblers & Scrabblers - The Writers of 1920s Calgary

Gumption, ego, and a dash of scandal: these are the stories of the small, ambitious literary community of 1920s Calgary. Shaun Hunter, Historian-in-Residence at the Calgary Public Library, explores this little-known chapter of the city’s past and its cast of true-life characters.

Audience: Adults

Let's Draw

Unleash your inner artist and create a digital masterpiece using the drag-and-drop block coding platform Scratch. Learn to use the pen tool, steps, and turns to transform your computer into a Spirograph-making machine! Each session will start with a hands-on art project to get the creative juices flowing, before leading into our coding activity.

Audience: Kids - Ages 9 to 12

Small Business Tuesdays: Doing Business with the Government of Canada

Learn how the Government of Canada buys goods and services. Get tips on navigating the federal procurement process. Led by Kris Ruiter in partnership with the Government of Canada.

Audience: Adults

Small Business Tuesdays: Get Selling Online

Ensure your business has everything it needs to sell to your customers through online channels. Led by Mark Shields in partnership with Business Link.

Audience: Adults

Small Business Tuesdays: Ready, Brand, Go!

Get your customers excited about your brand. Create a clear, concise, and compelling message that your customers will remember. Led by Rosalind Davis in partnership with Momentum.

Audience: Adults

Space Burps

Q: How do astronauts burp in space? A: Very carefully! In a zero gravity environment like space, there are no forces to keep your food down and the gas up - so it’s a bit of a gamble what might come out when you burp! Join us for a trip to space we will get the giggles going.

Audience: Kids - Ages 9 to 12

Squirmy Wormy Bug Science

You dig in the dirt and find a long, skinny creature squirming along. It's a worm, right? Maybe not! Dig a little deeper into bug science and learn the difference between earthworms, millipedes, beetle larvae, and more. The best part? Live animals for you to meet and inspect up close.

Audience: Kids - Ages 6 to 8

Supporting Resiliency in Times of Uncertainty: A Mental Health Perspective

Uncertain times present unique mental health challenges to individuals, families, and health care systems. Join Drs. McMorris and Schwartz of the Mathison Centre for a discussion and Q&A on supporting resilience in individuals, families, and systems in times of uncertainty. The event will be moderated by Dr. Andrew Bulloch.

Audience: Adults

Take a Stand Against Family Violence

Do you want to support someone impacted by family violence and abuse, but aren't sure how? Learn how to identify forms of abuse, ways to respond positively to victims, and how to connect them to resources. Join us and take a stand. Your response to a victim can make a life-changing difference.

Audience: Adults

The Science Behind Storm Chasing

Discover the science behind Alberta’s wild weather, how to be safe during active weather, and get inspired to learn more about meteorology.

Audience: Kids - Ages 9 to 12

Visual Storytelling with Richard Van Camp

The art of sharing stories through images is as old as cave paintings. With the introduction of new tools and technologies visual storytelling has exploded as a communication form. Richard Van Camp brings his extensive experience in film and graphic novels to this workshop and discusses how best to bring your story to life through images.

Audience: All Ages

Wildlife Rescue

Join us for a close look into the inner workings of a local wildlife rehabilitation centre! During this presentation, we will explore the many reasons why animals are admitted to the hospital, how we care for wildlife patients and what to do if you find an injured wild animal.

Audience: Kids - Ages 9 to 12 independent of a parent/caregiver

Yoga at Home

Join Yoga Shala Calgary for free yoga classes from the comfort of your home, to calm both the body and mind so you can become more at ease. All ages and abilities welcome.

Audience: All Ages

Young Rembrandts (Ages 6 to 8)

Get ready for summer fun as your budding artist explores the great outdoors with a Young Rembrandts drawing class all while staying at home. During this lesson our students will create desert-themed imagery, as they imagine the desert and draw our lizard friend sitting on top of a log in the hot sun.

Audience: Kids - Ages 6 to 8

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