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From: 03/Dec/2019 - To: 29/Dec/2020

Coding with Ozobots

Ozobots will be used in this activity to introduce students to the idea of writing codes. Instead of understanding only binary code (zeros and ones), Ozobots understand 4 colours (black, blue, green, and red). These robots will follow a path and perform actions based on the instructions (colour codes) given to them. The students will learn how to look at a problem and use instructions in the form of colour codes to solve it. In this activity, students will add colour codes to blank squares in a maze, with the goal of getting the Ozobot to follow a path from the start point to the finish line. If they are successful and want more of a challenge, they can create their own path for the Ozobot to follow!

Audience: Kids

WhereWhenClass StatusRegistration
Shawnessy - Main Floor - Open Area (Fireplace)Saturday, Dec. 7
1 - 3 p.m.
50 spaces availableNot Required

Where: Shawnessy - Main Floor - Open Area (Fireplace)

When: Saturday, Dec. 7 - 1 - 3 p.m.

Class Status: 50 spaces available

Registration: Not Required