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From: 03/Dec/2019 - To: 29/Dec/2020

50+ Lecture Series: Posture, Balance, and Combating Dizziness

Have you ever had the sensation that gravity is working against you or perhaps you have woken up to find that your world is spinning? Dizziness can be a frustrating and complex sensation to deal with and is one of the most common reasons for medical visits today. Unfortunately, the prevalence of people reporting feelings of dizziness and unsteadiness increases with age. Don’t let your world spin out of control. Join us as we dive into the three key systems that keep you upright and steady on your feet, the most common types of dizziness and balance disorders, and ultimately how you can take back control of your health. In partnership with The Vital Posture Clinic.

Audience: Adults

WhereWhenClass StatusRegistration
Village Square - Main Floor - Program RoomFriday, Jan. 17
1 - 2:30 p.m.
40 spaces availableNot Required

Where: Village Square - Main Floor - Program Room

When: Friday, Jan. 17 - 1 - 2:30 p.m.

Class Status: 40 spaces available

Registration: Not Required