You can register for programs online, by calling 403.260.2620, or in person at your community library. You’ll need a valid Library card number and PIN for each person attending the program. Both parents/caregivers and children must have valid library memberships to register for all parented children’s programs. Library cards are free; register online or at your community library. 

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Angry Birds

Learn about physics by catapulting Angry Bird stuffies! In partnership with Let's Talk Science.

Audience: Kids - Ages 6 to 9

Birds of Prey

Learn amazing facts, such as the difference between a raptor and a falcon and which bird of prey is like a stealth bomber. In partnership with the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation.

Audience: Kids - Ages 7 to 12

Code and Go Mice

In this workshop, students learn basic coding and programming concepts using a “Code and Go” Robot Mouse, which can be programmed with travel directions. By the end of the activity, students will understand how to code specific commands and how they are combined to form a program. They will problem solve by developing the ability to decompose a problem into sub-problems and learn how to give instructions – similar to how a computer scientist writes code to instruct a computer to perform a desired action. This activity requires the student to program the mouse to navigate through a maze of cats and mousetraps to reach a cheese wedge.

Audience: Kids

Code Club

Learn to code by creating your own game, designing a website, and more. Designed for beginner coders.

Audience: Kids - Ages 10 to 12

Coding Buddies

Learn the basics of coding and create your own game. Designed for beginner coders.

Audience: Kids - Ages 6 to 9

Coding with Ozobots

Ozobots will be used in this activity to introduce students to the idea of writing codes. Instead of understanding only binary code (zeros and ones), Ozobots understand 4 colours (black, blue, green, and red). These robots will follow a path and perform actions based on the instructions (colour codes) given to them. The students will learn how to look at a problem and use instructions in the form of colour codes to solve it. In this activity, students will add colour codes to blank squares in a maze, with the goal of getting the Ozobot to follow a path from the start point to the finish line. If they are successful and want more of a challenge, they can create their own path for the Ozobot to follow!

Audience: Kids

Creative Writing Club

Drop in to play literacy games, work on your creative writing, and get help on your school writing assignments. In partnership with the UCalgary, Department of English.

Audience: Kids & Teens - Ages 8 to 14

Crime Lab

Learn how forensic scientists use chromatography, fingerprinting, and chemical analysis to help solve crimes. In partnership with Let's Talk Science.

Audience: Kids - Ages 9 to 12

Draw a Holiday Card

Learn basic drawing skills in this fun, hands-on workshop as you create your very own holiday card with a hand-drawn festive scene. In partnership with Young Rembrandts.

Audience: Kids - Ages 6 to 12

ELL School Success

Children develop their English language literacy skills while parents learn how to support their children’s language learning.

Audience: Adults & Kids - Ages 6 to 8 with a parent/caregiver

Engineering for Kids

Uncover the fun in STEM learning through hands-on engineering activities. In partnership with Engineering For Kids.

Audience: Kids - Ages 7 to 12 independent of a parent/caregiver

FIRST LEGO League Jr. Aqua Adventure

Practice engineering skills in this new STEM program where you build a water station with LEGO. Navigate the uncharted waters of this important natural resource while completing team challenges.

Audience: Kids - Ages 8 to 10

FIRST LEGO League Jr. Mission Moon

Practice engineering skills by building a moon base using LEGO. Explore questions and solve challenges associated with life on the moon.

Audience: Kids - Ages 8 to 10

Flipbook Animation

Make your own cartoons by learning simple animation through creating flipbooks. In partnership with the Quickdraw Animation Society.

Audience: Kids - Ages 8 to 12

Good Clean Fun!

Fun with soap and water? You’ll be amazed when you make fireworks in a cup, explore surface tension, and make your own soapy work of art. Explore millions of bubbles and make your own bath bomb to take home! In partnership with Scientists in School.

Audience: Kids - Ages 4 to 12

Homework Club for New Canadians

Get help with your homework, practise your English, and improve your grades. Participants must bring homework. In partnership with The Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth.

Audience: Kids & Teens - Ages 6 to 17

Introduction to Toastmasters International for Kids

Develop skills in speaking and presentation, and increase your self-confidence, for kids new to Toastmasters.

Audience: Kids - Ages 9 to 12 independent of a parent/caregiver

Learn to Draw

Come join a fun lesson with Young Rembrandts as they teach drawing, the basis of all visual arts.

Audience: Kids - Ages 6 to 12


Join us to build, create, and explore! LEGO provided.

Audience: Kids & Teens

Magic Bean Garden

Join us for enchanted folktales and then prepare to get dirty while planting your very own magic garden.

Audience: Kids - Ages 5 to 8

Math Quest

Embark on a math quest. Explore the Library while completing fun numeracy challenges that support what you learn in school. Caregivers are invited to stay & play.

Audience: Kids - Ages 6 to 12

Nikola Tesla: Tamer of Electricity

Learn why Tesla's inventions are so important and experience demos of a plasma globe, levitating light bulb, and theremin. Develop your interest in science while exploring the work of eminent scientists. In partnership with the Calgary Tesla Society.

Audience: Kids & Teens - Ages 8 to 15 independent of a parent/caregiver

Obey Newton: It’s the Law!

Sir Isaac Newton was one smart dude. Explore Newton’s Laws of Motion as you learn how things like to stay put and how your actions always produce a reaction. You will race water droplets, build a car, and design and test a rollercoaster. Physics is fun! In partnership with Scientists in School.

Audience: Kids - Ages 7 to 12

Reading Buddies

Teen volunteers and Library staff provide one-on-one reading support and fun literacy activities for young readers.

Audience: Kids & Teens - Ages 6 to 8

Robotics with Robogals

Learn to code using LEGO Mindstorms robots.

Audience: Kids - Ages 8 to 12

Robotics with Robogals for Girls!

Learn to code using LEGO Mindstorms robots. This program is designed especially for girls.

Audience: Kids - Ages 8 to 12

School Support: Math

Bring your math assignments for help from trained volunteers. Explore digital resources to support school success.

Audience: Kids & Teens - Ages 10 to 14

School's Out All Day

Drop in to the Library anytime on your PD Day for games, crafts, and other fun activities.

Audience: Kids - Ages 6 to 12

Story PALS

Trained Pet Access League Society (PALS) volunteers and their highly socialized dogs provide a calm, accepting presence for struggling readers to practise reading aloud.

Audience: Kids - Ages 6 to 12

VR Explorers

Imagine climbing Mount Everest or scuba diving in the Galapagos Islands! Join an immersive virtual reality journey with Google Expeditions.

Audience: Kids - Ages 6 to 12

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